Christopher Küas

Christopher Küas

Specialist lawyer for administrative law

  • Legal project development for the real estate industry
  • construction planning for commercial and residential buildings
  • Location safeguarding and site expansion, in particular emission control law
  • environmental law

Tel.: +49 221 95190-80
Fax: +49 221 95190-70

Christopher Küas studied law at the University of Cologne. He worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Public Law and Administrative Studies in Cologne.

Christopher Küas has been a lawyer with CBH since 2006. At the same time, he is a specialist lawyer for administrative law and advises companies in the real estate sector on all questions of public building law.

Within the scope of legal project development, Christopher Küas accompanies the construction planning process and building permit procedures. One of his main areas of expertise is the provision of expert advice on inner-city revitalisation and conversion measures.

In addition, he advises companies on site security and site expansion issues, particularly in the field of emission control.

Christopher Küas is a lecturer at the University of Economics and Law in Berlin.