Dr. Jochen Hentschel

Dr. Jochen Hentschel

  • administrative and constitutional law
  • Approval and planning approval procedures in accordance with construction and environmental law, in particular water law
  • Municipal, financial and budgetary law

Tel.: +49.221.951 90-84
Fax: +49.221.951 90-94

Dr. Jochen Hentschel studied in Konstanz, Cologne and Speyer and earned his doctorate in Trier. During his doctoral studies, he was a lecturer at the Fachhochschule für Öffentliche Verwaltung NRW and head of working groups for legal trainees at the Cologne District Government.

Before joining CBH in 2006, he worked as a lawyer in the environmental and planning department of a large medium-sized law firm in the Ruhr area.

Dr. Jochen Hentschel advises companies and public bodies on environmental licensing and planning approval procedures. His special subject here is water law, which had already been the subject of his doctoral thesis.

A further focus of his work is state and municipal law as well as finance and budget law.

CBH is represented by Dr. Jochen Hentschel in the Förderverein of the Institute for German and European Water Management Law at the University of Trier, and is also a member of the Society for Environmental Law (GfU).