Dr. Martin Pagenkopf

Dr. Martin Pagenkopf

  • administrative law
  • commercial administrative law
  • Public building law
  • State liability law
  • constitutional law
  • European law

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Dr. Martin Pagenkopf studied law in Bonn and Heidelberg (doctorate in 1978) as a judge at the VG Cologne from 1973, then as a judge at the OVG NRW and as a referee and head of unit at the Federal Ministry of Justice for the VwGO and the FGO (1979-1989) and as a judge at the BVerwG (1989-2009) as well as a lecturer at the University of Leipzig, he was responsible for administrative law in almost all core areas.

Since 2010 he has been working as a lawyer in Cologne and from May 2011 at CBH in public law. Focal points of the consultation are, among other things, business administration law, gambling law, constitutional and state liability law, trade law and construction law. In the field of higher education law, he represents personalities affected by deprivation of doctorates.

He is co-author of a standard commentary on the GG, co-editor of the commentary on the LPVG NRW Laber/Pagenkopf and has written numerous specialist articles. His scholarship is rounded off by his extensive lecturing activities especially before specialist committees of the DAV, at the German Judicial Academy and his participation in numerous commissions, such as the unification of procedural law, legal protection in construction law, and as an expert at the German Bundestag hearing on the Stem Cell Act 2002. In the area of commercial and gambling law, he has appeared as an expert before committees and political groups in several state parliaments since 2011, e.g. in NRW, Saxony, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein.

Dr. Martin Pagenkopf is a member of the WG Verwaltungsrecht NRW in DAV and the German Society for Environmental Law (GfU).