Stefan Rappen

Stefan Rappen

Specialist lawyer for administrative law

  • Approval and planning approval procedures in accordance with building law, sectoral planning and environmental law
  • Energy law
  • construction planning for commercial and residential buildings

Tel.: +49 221 95190-80
Fax: +49 221 95190-70

Stefan Rappen has been a member of CBH since 1993. At the same time, he is a specialist lawyer for administrative law and issues of public building law as well as environmental, planning and energy law.

One focus of his work is legal project management for major infrastructure projects, in particular roads, airports, pipelines and underground railways. He also advises companies and investors in the planning and operation of energy plants.

A further focus of his legal work is the legal project management for the construction and real estate industry. He advises companies and investors throughout Germany on the relocation and revitalisation of residential and commercial areas as well as large-scale retail projects, including all project-related environmental aspects such as contaminated sites, pollution control and species protection.

Stefan Rappen is a member of the Construction Law Working Group of the German Bar Association and the Society for Environmental Law. He is the author of various books and essays and regularly gives lectures on public building and planning law. He is also a lecturer at the Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft e. V. (Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industries). in the field of pipeline and infrastructure law.

For many years, Stefan Rappen has been listed in the JUVE Handbook for Commercial Law Firms as a frequently recommended lawyer in environmental and planning law throughout Germany.