Dieter Maier-Peveling

Dieter Maier-Peveling

  • banking law
  • insolvency advice
  • commercial and corporate law

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Fax: +49 355 38102-50

Dieter Maier-Peveling studied at the universities of Münster and Cologne. Since joining the bar in 1990, he first worked in the Cologne office before taking over the management of the Cottbus office. There, the Treuhandanstalt entrusted him with the liquidation of several state-owned companies. This activity led to an increasing specialisation in insolvency consulting and representation.

Within the scope of his activities as a supervisory board member, including that of a local cooperative bank, he has been called upon to deal with questions of banking law and in particular credit security law. In addition, he also focuses on real estate law.

Dieter Maier-Peveling is a much sought-after mediator for the settlement of disputes between shareholders and heirs. His activities include advising on structuring matters as well as representing clients in corporate and inheritance law disputes. Dieter Maier-Peveling is a member of the Working Group on Inheritance Law in the German Lawyers' Association.